Simon Vernon makes maps

As a trained Rural Surveyor, Simon Vernon brings his skills in drawing and painting, together with his passion for mapmaking and architecture, to create Estate Maps which delight the eye.

Principal Objective

To define and celebrate a client's careful stewardship of an estate, while providing a legacy for present and future generations to enjoy.

Estate Mapmaking


Vernon makes maps where diverse and contrasting elements are brought together into the single image. The perspective of a meandering river or vignette of a Boathouse may juxtapose with a map of a Deer Park or plan of a Knot Garden, and arranged in such a way as to give rhythm to the overall composition.


Each work is intended to celebrate the three principal stages of drawing, printing and painting which are carried out by hand. Elements from vignettes and maps to scripts and scales are drawn; inks are mixed and pressed into the recesses of the metal plate; and watercolour is applied to crown the work.

In consequence, every map that leaves the workshop, whether it is a single piece or as part of an edition, is both original and unique.

Further Objectives

To achieve a work that is visually pleasing in order to convey the information successfully.

To present a bespoke hand painted work that is as much at home in the drawing room as in the estate office.

To help reevaluate a property visually, and see it afresh - whether a client or client's family have been custodians of an estate for a relatively short period of time, or for several centuries.

To offer a client the option of either a single work to enjoy, or several pieces that may be considered for distribution within the family,

To create a visual narrative that may be observed independently or collectively as a 'conversation piece'.

To convey a sense of the unique spirit and character of a property - whether it be for a house and its grounds, or for an estate extending further than the eye can see.